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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The comeback

Dear chummy

I can't believe how long it's been since I last wrote a blog post. It was April and now its almost August. The problem was i use my phone to blog and it had to go in for repair and when i got it back I had gotten out of the routine of posting.

But I want to get it restarted, my bestie has started a blog and it reminded me how much i enjoyed writing mine, those few times that I did.

I have just read through the previous posts and such a lot has happened since April. Some of it I wont be publishing just yet but some of it I want to talk about now that things are better. Mostly though I was thinking about how much I wanted to go on holiday.

It is the summer now and I am off work (I'm a lucky duck) and next weekend me and you are off to Summer in the city - whoop whoop. AND later in the summer we are heading to Ibiza - eeeeeepp - so exciting :)

So yes the moral of this story was simply that I am going to restart my blog, discuss some of the things that have happened while I've been away and talk about whats going on right now.

Chiao Chummy xx

Friday, 4 April 2014

The birthdays

Dear chummy

I'm sorry I haven't been here for a day or two but I haven't been very happy. Don't worry I'm not sad, mostly I've been annoyed and angry and frustrated and I don't want this blog to become a series of rants so I wasn't going to go into why I feel like this.

Instead lets talk about birthdays :)

Its Momma's birthday today and after work you'll be coming over to mine so she can open her presents from us before we go out for tea at that Indian place we like.

I love how our family treats birthdays, I don't think you're ever too old to appreciate a good birthday. I love the early morning phone calls to sing happy birthday. Although saying that I just called mum and I didn't sing down the phone at her because she sounded so sleepy, I just whispered to her tehehe.

I love the banners and balloons and cake ... Oh crap, I haven't bought a cake, have you?? I don't think you have or you would have mentioned it yesterday when you were trying to get the self inflating balloons to self inflate.

Ill try and get one after work, I'm sure we've got some candles.

I love the cards and presents and unwrapping and how we always get so excited and appreciate every present even though some of them are just silly cheap things. I love getting dressed up to go out for tea and taking lots of photos. I must remember the camera!! In fact i might bring back the one I've got at work.

Right I'm nearly at work now :( so I'll leave it there and see you later :)

Ciao for now Chummy

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The holiday

Dear Chummy
How are you today? I hope you have a good day.

I've been thinking about holidays a lot recently. I really want to go away somewhere warm.
I know I've got stuff to look forward to this year, what with Summer in the City in August and Centre Parcs in December but I am still yearning for a trip abroad - packing a suitcase, going on a plane, going somewhere warm and all that stuff.

I'm jealous that you've got a holiday booked, though I know I'm way too old and boring for a week in Magaluf / Megafluff / shagascruff.

I keep thinking about Turkey and how nice the hotel was and I visualise myself just walking around the pool, in one of your floaty dresses that I borrowed, feeling the warm tiles under my feet, grabbing a fanta from the pool bar, sitting on a lounger in the sun reading a good book with my lovely hubby laid next to me and occasionally getting up to eat at the massive buffet (mostly pasta and bread as you can imagine). Ohhhh it was so lovely. Can I go back?

Going away in the UK just isn't the same as being abroad somewhere. I know I've always said that I'd choose Center Parcs over anywhere else in the world but now I think I just want some sun. Especially today as I make my way to work in the dreary, foggy, grey UK weather.

Ciao for now Chummy xx

Monday, 31 March 2014

The fruit and veg

Dear Chummy,

I'm just on my way to work right now, waiting for the train and I heard an interesting story on the news (well i think its interesting). Apparently now they believe that 5 portions of fruit and veg a day just isn't enough and its actually better (at preventing heart disease and cancer) to eat 7 portions of fruit and veg each day.
I'm not sure about you but personally I don't think I could manage to eat 7 portions a day?! I barely manage 5 and I'm trying to eat healthily. I mean, really, how would people manage that, every day?

I'd be interested to see if I could do it, just for a week. I'd have to have 1 portion at breakfast, 2 or 3 at lunch and 2 or 3 for tea and then top up with snacks through the day if I couldn't fit them into the meals.

The newsreader was saying she thought it would be quite expensive too, there was a health expert woman who was saying "well a lot of fruit and veg is very affordable" Really love? Which supermarkets do you shop in and how much do you earn?! Try earning minimum wage or less and then tell me that its affordable.

Anyway thats my thought for the day, could I possibly manage to eat 7 portions of fruit and veg every day for 7 days? What do you think? Could you do it?

Ciao Chummy

The Pillow Thief

Dear Chummy

When I decided on the ... wait ... why has my font changed ... *Changes font* Yes when I decided on the topic of my blog and the sort of things I wanted to put into it a specific story popped in to my mind.  Not sure why this, of all the things we've been through but as a memory it stands out in my mind.  You might have already guessed but I thought I would start with the Pillow Thief story.

I'm sure you will remember, we were staying with Dad and his ... lovely girlfriend of the time (I was going to use our nickname for her but then realised anyone could read this and it has my photo on it so I best be nice) Let's just call her PB.

My computer is trying to tell me that I've spelled 'realised' wrong cause I've used an 's' instead of a 'z'.  Excuse me laptop but I'm English not American and really you should know that by now.  

So yeah we were staying at Dad's and he'd shown us round the flat and into the cupboard in the hall they shared with a neighbour that (Oh apparently neighbour doesn't have a 'u' in - Go away stupid Mozilla languages) they kept spare stuff in.  And just before we went to bed Dad shared with us that he only had one pillow for us.  I'm a very fussy person when it comes to pillows, in fact I'm kinda fussy when it comes to most things but I really struggle to sleep unless I have enough pillows (I actually take my own on holiday with me if I can).  And to be told that one of us could have the ONE pillow and the other had to use sofa cushions!!  Freaking sofa cushions!!! Erm ... no Dad this is not appropriate host behaviour.  I wasn't pleased but then a thought occurred to me, I had noticed some pillows in the shared cupboard - I asked Dad if we could use them but he said that as they were the neighbour's we couldn't use them.  I feel like we didn't really know at that time how bad things with PB were going to get, were things relatively ok at that time?

Well I decided that we needed pillows and this just wasn't going to work - you know that feeling like if you can't sleep properly that night you will just never recover - so after they had gone to bed I sneaked off the sofa and went to the cupboard, only thing was I had to go out of their flat front door which was heavy and noisy.  I opened it really slowly and as quietly as possible and then closed it just as slowly behind me - by now my heart was hammering in my chest, I really felt like I was committing a crime - was it a crime? I'm not sure - then I went into the cupboard and took the neighbour's spare pillows.  Came back into the flat with equal stealthiness and proud as punch came back into our room to show you.  I remember laughing so much with relief and giddiness and saying "oh my god! I'm a pillow thief!"

Then the next morning I got up at 6am and sneaked the pillows back out of the flat.  I'm sure the neighbours wouldn't have minded us borrowing their pillows but I still felt so guilty.  I think that was really the naughtiest thing I have ever done.  I'm such a good girl aren't I?

I'm glad that you were there to share in my naughtiest moment :)

Ciao Chummy


The start of it

Dear Chummy

I have decided to start a new blog.  In this blog I will essentially be writing to my darling sister (Aka Chummy).  My Dear Chummy blog will be a collection of thoughts, ponderings, memories and experiences.  It might be funny it might be sad it might be boring it might be incoherent.  It will always be whatever comes from my mind.  Some might be really long and rambling some may simply be a quick question. 

For now I will just say Chummy I love you and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs to you. 
Stay tuned for something more interesting in the future.

Ciao Chummy